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Patch Notes [ 28-01-2018 ]

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Nell, Jan 28, 2018.

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  1. Nell

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    Nov 29, 2017
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    [ UPDATE ] The Patch is now Live! (Link)

    [!] Do not try to hunt Mad Ray, or else everyone will be disconnected.
    • New Sentinel unique, Tsunami Set, dropped by Mad Ray, located at Tenter's Lair
    • Mad Ray broom sold at Megalopolis Shop
    • Spicy Dragon's unique equipment are no longer being rotated. Instead Spicy Dragon drops 'Spicy Unique Box', containing (but not limited too):
      • Draconic Circlet
      • Draconic Shield
      • Draconic Sword
      • Draconic Staff
      • Draconic Dagger
      • Draconic Bowgun
    • Implemented Player Suggestions:
      • Item Girl in 'Coral Town - Blooming Cora' and 'Blooming Cora Shop' sells Great H & M potions for 15k each.
    • The following monster no longer drop Level Up Gift Box:
      • Bad Fury
      • Fire Spirit
      • Boss Trial mobs
      • Alteo Construction Site mobs
    • Replaced Repair Powder in Level 40 System Mail Rewards with Memory Ports
    • Added Bloody Rune of Fate + Earthen Fate Necklace to the level 80 mail reward
    • Removed Great H & Great M potions from Christmas map
    • Slightly nerfed every Sentinel, mainly HV and Fire Resistance & increased HP
    • Mad Ray has been fixed and its stats were adjusted
    • Slightly adjusted Vulpine's gear stats
    • Chaos Tower:
      • Requiem Harbinger's LK and MD sightly decreased
      • Requiem Harbinger now summons Evil Don Guivanni only
      • Adjusted Requiem Harbinger's drops
      • Slightly improved the drop rate of the E coupons
      • Slightly nerfed mobs in floor 9, 10 and 11
    • Implemented Player Suggestions:
      • Revamped Sentinel Drops:
        • Evil Don Giuvanni now drops all types of runes
        • Janus: Removed Singha boxes and added Chaos Feather 350
        • Hecate: Removed Chaos Feather 290 & 305 and added Chaos Feather 350
      • Price Increase:
        • Saw Blade Ring (Throwing Item)
        • Memory Port
        • Portable Port AD
        • Resurrection Scroll
    Skill Balance Changes
    • Bunny
      • Flaming Fist : nerfed to 0 multiplier, buffed the Champion's skill to their original values instead (it had been nerfed)
    • Fox
      • Sudden Attack: reduced cooldown by 1 second. Greatly improved the accuracy at level 11
      • Stone Strike: slightly increased range
      • Shuriken Master: greatly improved the accuracy at level 11
      • Pouch of Pain: slightly decreased casting time. Greatly improved the accuracy at level 11. Slightly increased the damage at level 10 and 11
      • Poison Pouch: greatly improved the accuracy at level 11
    • Cat + Raccoon
      • Evolution/Metamorphosis: cooldown decreased to 120 seconds


    • Custom boss, Mad Ray
    • Readjusted the Draconic Pendant and made temperable
    • Hate & War and Love & Peace innerwear exchange no longer asks for two stacks of the same item.
    • Corrected mail title of System Mail Reward Level 140 (Choco Skill Card) from Level 100 to 140
    • Translations:
      • Password Confirmation
      • Security Lock Code Option Box and dialogue

    Any bugs or glitches, please report by making a post in the Bug Report Section. If the bug is abusable, do seek a staff member.
    Suggestions must be posted in Game Suggestions.
    Happy gameplay!
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