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Patch Notes [ 23-01-2018 ]

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Claude, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. Claude

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    Oct 21, 2017
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    [ UPDATE ] The Patch is now Live! (Link)

    • Distributed rewards from yesterday's Boss Hunting & Free For All PVP Event.
    • New Myshop-Galder Sale event on the website, available for a limited time only. Buy now or regret!
    • Rosemary Exchange: Added 'Very 00gly Flower' head accessory for Sense class.
    • Chaos Tower: Requiem Harbinger drops Level 400 Unique Accessories, Simple Ring and Simple Pendant.
    • Implemented Player Suggestions:
      • Added Set Title/Bonus for Inferno Gun.
      • New Sentinel Boss & Set: Mad Ray drops Tsunami set for gunners.
        Experimental update and not fully implemented. Pew is still trying to figure out how to add AC refine.
        Do not kill Mad Ray, doing so will crash the server and cause everyone to get 'Map Move Fail Error'
    • Chaos Tower:
      • Slightly decreased galder entry fee for Chaos Tower - 12th Floor.
      • Decreased Requiem Harbinger spawn timer to 30 minutes.
      • Adjusted drop rates for Requiem Harbinger.
    • Rosemary Exchange - Level 400 Unique Equipment:
      • Removed galder requirements from exchange.
      • Reduced PandaTO Exchange Coupon requirement from 75 to 60.
      • Added PandaTO Coupon D to exchange requirements.
    • Draconic Restraint Pendant:
      • Increased stats and is now able to be tempered.
      • Removed all attribute compound slots.
      • Removed all attribute compounds from existing pendants.
    • Added MA and HV compoundable slots to the PandaTO New Year Accessory.
    • Adjusted Draconic bonus set for Sense.
    • Implemented Player Suggestions:
      • Nerfed Primadonna's 2 Hit Combo skill by taking 100% out of the current multipliers.
      • Second attempt to make 2nd Job Soul Guardian Runestones tradable.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the compound slots for 'Sweet Hibiscus' and 'Buttery Tulip'.
    • Inferno Gun exchange at Rosemary now shows the correct information when right clicking and viewing info.

    Please report any bugs you find by making a post in the Bug Report Section. Suggestions must be posted in Game Suggestions section, Thank You.
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