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Patch Notes [ 04-12-2017 ]

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Nell, Dec 5, 2017.

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  1. Nell

    Nell Danke Kun Staff Member Panda Staff

    Nov 29, 2017
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    [ UPDATE ] The Patch is now Live!


    All the new uniques are exchangeable via Rosemary at Megalo Shop
    • Simple Helmet (level 400)
    • Simple Shield (level 400)
    • Bonus set
    • Nocturnal Sword is back in Happisto Exchange
    • Increased the minimum rate of Pink Elixirs (should be close to Black/Green)
    • Buffed the new 330 accessories by at least 10%
    • Buffed Requiem Harbinger, he's a custom boss
    • Readjusted Janus stats, hopefully Lions can't kill it
    • Bonus eggs are now tradeable
    • Fixed Queen Odinea's spawn
    • Fixed Stella's quest rewards
    GM Eni
    • The following were added back to his exchange list:
      • Secret Scroll AP (Party)
      • Secret Scroll MA (Party)
      • Secret Scroll HV (Party)
      • Secret Scroll LK (Party)
      • Secret Scroll DA (Party)
      • Warp Defense Scroll
      • Scroll of the Resolute
      • Scroll of Illumination
      • Scroll of Rejuvenation
      • Star Tears
    • Earthquake Blade damage slightly nerfed
    • Earthquake Blade (mastered) radius slightly boosted
    • Shield of Heaven is back to normal
    Chaos Tower
    • Fixed shard drops in CT 11th floor
    • Increased the fee and level per floor in CT
    • Adjusted monster's stats from 5th floor to 11th floor
    • Removed bosses from the 2nd to 11th floor
    • Removed Jokers from the 12th floor
    • Fixed overall CT floors (credits to Cal for the table)
    Any bugs or glitches, please report it via Private Message. Happy gameplay!
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