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Patch Notes [ 02-03-18 ]

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Horse, Mar 2, 2018.

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    Feb 23, 2018
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    [ UPDATE ] The Patch is now Live! (Link)

    Jobs Overhauls:
    Sense Skills:
    - Hide: Cooldown's been decreased by 5 seconds. New cooldown will be 10 seconds.
    - Poison Assault: Changed the values to the same as in eTO (Basically had a buff).

    - Decreased Harbinger, Sentinels and CT mobs HV stat and increased LK from 650 to 699.
    - Decreased Harbinger's MD, again...
    - Decreased Chaos's Feather 245 value from 25000 to 1225.
    - Changed all quests max level requirement from 400 to 402.
    - Removed all singha boxes from Master Mong and replaced with Alex, Adam and Refine Card.
    - Replaced the ‘Nothing’ Exchange in Rosemary with Speed Drill 60. Cost 100k & 1 crystal.
    - Reduced amount of Evil Don G.'s summons by other bosses, this also preventing the Draconic acc to be farmed easily.
    - Lowered the drop rate of Draconic acc from Requiem Harbinger.
    - Changed Harbinger's drop rate back to original.
    - Nerfed all monster post Seth in CT, 10th and 11st floor have increased HP.

    Please report any bugs you find by making a post in the Bug Report Section. Suggestions must be posted in Game Suggestions section. If the bug is abusable or exploitable, please report directly to staff. Thank You.
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