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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by Raia, Oct 21, 2017.

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    Oct 20, 2017
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    Q: There's no splash.exe, how do I patch my client?
    A: Simply download the patch from here and copy and paste the files to your PandaTO folder, if it asks you to replace, then do so. You can also use this as reference when patching.

    Q: What's this Korean message that pop ups when I first log in my account?
    A: Just type your password 4x and you're good to go. If you have patched properly, then this should be translated in english.

    Q: There's another Korean message when I open my account, what is this?
    A: Click the left option if you wish to have a security code. (For bank/warehouse) Just type the code you wish to have 2x and type your e-mail address after.
    If you don't want to have a security code, just click the right option and when another message pops up, just click the left option. If you have patched properly, then this should be translated in english.

    Q: I see a lot of people with MyShop items, but when I access it, it won't open. How did they get it?
    A: There are a few MyShop items available in Rosemary (from Paradise Shop, Megalopolis, Laplanoel Mall, Carbigal Shop)
    . You just need to exchange crystals and galders to get them. Miranda Watty from Megalopolis Square also have a few MyShop items, some are exchangeable with crystals + galders, some are exchangeable with PandaTO Coupons + galders.

    Q: How do I farm galders?

    A: You can kill Moss Moths from Poppuri Dungeon and then sell the skill cards that they drop to the Skill Masters. You can also hunt bosses and sell the ultimate equipments they drop to NPC. Or you can go to Phantom Dungeon 2-1~2-3 and sell the phantom equipments the mobs drop.

    Q: How do I get 4G Equipments?

    A: Simply go to any mines and talk to Happisto Stallone and exchange your 4G Card + galders for 4G equipments.

    Q: I see a lot of people with driller boy pet, where can I get it?

    A: Just do the quest with Driller King Marky in Gate of Desert Beach. Once you finish it, he will give you the driller boy as a reward.

    Q: Why can't I find Techichi Mine?

    A: Techichi Mine is not available in this server. Check this link out to see the location of the ores.

    Q: How can I enter to the Chaos Tower?

    A: Teleport to Blooming Cora, and talk to Don Giuvanni. He'll then teleport you inside the Chaos Tower. [Note: The Chaos Tower in this server is the old one.]

    Q: How do I get to Abyss?
    A: Buy a Nora Card Key in Aquarius Shop and head down to the Nora Sewer then talk to Explorer Reina at the end, and give her a 500g coupon. She, then, will teleport you to a place where you just have to head to the portal to get to Abyss.

    Q: Is there any other way to obtain secret cards other than Card Identification?
    A: Yes. Just do the quests with Lethos in both Swamp Town and Blue Ice Dungeon.

    Q: Is Gacha available in this server?
    A: No. But alternatively, we have boxes on the Egg Shop. The gacha boxes are listed in this link.

    Q: Is there any other way to get Bonus Eggs?
    A: Yes. From staff events.

    Q: I get exceptional error when I try to create a character, how do I fix this?
    A: If you have changed the resolution before, be sure to set the resolution back to default if you're trying to create a character.

    Q: Do we have a Discord Group?
    A: Yes. Here's the invite link.

    Q: Do we have a Facebook Page?

    A: Yes. Just click this link to like our Facebook Page.

    All other information can be found in the server's wiki.

    Click here to go to the wiki.
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