Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the most frequently asked questions about Panda Trickster Online, for a more detailed version please visit Wiki FAQ

Refer to the button above, where it says "Downloads", there should be about 4 different links (different mirrors). Top 3 links are in .ZIP format and the last one in .EXE format. After downloading the client, you must manual patch it, join Discord (the link in the footer) and download the patch from the channel #trickster-announcements.
Unzip the files. If installing in a different location, make sure that folder location is also whitelisted in your antivirus.
Once the latest patch is downloaded, unzip the folder and drag the files --> libconfig_twn.dat and libconfig_twn.idx into your data folder and replace. Same for trickster.exe.
The game's files are often flagged as a false positive by most antiviruses, especially Windows Defender. Therefore before downloading and installing the game, you must protect your files from being deleted by your antivirus. On your computer create a folder and whitelist/exclude this folder in your Antivirus. This folder will be where you download the game. Alternatively you can disable all your antiviruses during the download and installation process. Although mostly likely you will still need to whitelist your Trickster folder when you re-enable your Antiviruses.
You will not be able to log into the website and access 'Galder Myshop' if your account has no character created on it. Please note your forum account and your game/website account are different. Therefore ensure that you are logging into the website ( and not the forum. If the problem still persists, please contact an Administrator to change your account details.
It means you can't log into the game, and you get 'Error [60003]'. This means you're typing your account details incorrectly.
Either the server is down for maintenance, or you probably have an outdated trickster.exe file. Download the new trickster.exe and replace the outdated one in your folder. The download link can usually be found on Discord in the #tips-and-guide channel.