Hello guys. I am here to announce the upcoming of a new server that will be solely focused on PVP. Hopefully we can bring it next month but for now I have been testing it on my end several times. All I can say for now is the following:

  • +10 Max refinement.
  • There won't be rebirth or new custom weapons like sentinels or anything like in the original pTO server.
  • All the rates won't be as high like in the original pTO server, about half the rate.
  • The current and original uniques won't be as easy to get but there's a wider gear progression.
  • Some fields will be open to skirmish.

We are still deciding but there won't be elemental attributes at all or the rate of their compound will be very low. Due to this, some skills might need some touching. That's all for now.

First of all, welcome to Panda Trickster Online Private Server! Starting today, we will be using this new website I know that for older players this lacks some features but don't worry. we will implement those again along with new features. The old website had a few issues, starting today not only aesthetically, but overall experience the new website will be better. Enjoy guys!