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Secret Santa 2018

It's time for the second round! Event details The basic concept of the Secret Santa game is simple. All of the participantsí names will be put in a Random Number Generator and I will notify you, via private message, about who your elf is. (An elf ...

Boss Hunt Event

Boss Hunt Event will begin in 1 hour and 10 minutes at Southeast Forest....

[ Event ] Love For The Unloved

115 'Love For the Unloved' is PandaTO's in-game event to celebrate Valentine's Day. Begin this event by accepting Shaman Girl Jia's quest in Megalopolis (Music Stage) then move on to Event Garden - Ceremonia where the other Event NPCs await. Please...

Results of PandaTO Valentine's Day Comic Strip Event

The results of the "PandaTO Valentine's Day Comic Strip Event" is now out and posted below. Congratulations to all winners! If you wish to claim your prize, please DM me or Nell on Discord. To all the participants, please also DM me your IGN to...

Patch Notes [ 02-03-18 ]

UPDATE ] The Patch is now Live! (Link) Jobs Overhauls: Sense Skills: - Hide: Cooldown's been decreased by 5 seconds. New cooldown will be 10 seconds. - Poison Assault: Changed the values to the same as in eTO (Basically had a b...

Patch Notes [ 21-02-18 ]

UPDATE ] The Patch is now Live! (Link) Notes Pink Girl and Blue Boy Pets These pets had a stat reduction because we believe that they should not be better than the Character pets. Simply put free pets should not be better than the ones which requ...

Patch Notes [ 14-02-18 ]

UPDATE ] The Patch is now Live! (Link) Notes Speed Leveling Recently we asked player's to give feedback/suggestions on end game content (here), Speed Leveling was one of the topics brought up. While it has some positives, it also has negatives. W...

Patch Notes [ 03-02-18 ]

UPDATE ] The Patch is now Live! (Link) Do not try to hunt Mad Ray, or else everyone will be disconnected. New Valentine's Day themed login screen. Ingame Valentine's Day event at Event Garden - Download Event Guide. Galder rollback in progress...


Level Ranking
Rank Job Name Level
1 Dark Lord SuBzErO 900
2 Soul Master Ultimecia 900
3 Hunter Lord SexyPew 900
4 Gambler Genocida 800
5 Dark Lord DarkArtistry 700
6 Witch himawitch 600
7 Witch Mahou 600
8 Hunter Lord LP 600
9 Scientist BuffLionsPlease 500
10 Champion Kweh 500